One of the many roles I’ve played in society is that of a public school teacher. There are so many things we’re trained not to say or do in order to make sure our own views and morals aren’t being taught to school children. We don’t share opinions on religion, gender identity, gun control, political candidates or parties, and a long list of other hot topics. The one “morality” thing we are told to talk to kids about is the dangers of pornography. The state has determined, using hard facts and statistics—not moral opinion—that pornography is a public health crisis.

It affects are far-reaching. Here are just a few:

Addiction and Compulsive Behavior

An addiction is something you do compulsively to the point where you need outside help to stop. Research indicates pornography has this quality, with users needing increasing strengths or quantities of it over time. This is likely the main reason it’s often called “the new drug.”

Relationship and Families

Studies correlate pornography consumption with issues in marriage and intimate relationships. This often includes dissatisfaction, infidelity and conflict.

Psychological and Social Health

Sexual content is associated with decreased self-esteem, body image issues, and distorted views of sexuality. It can lead to depression, anxiety and social isolation.

Effects on Youth

Pornography can shape young people’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviors regarding sexuality. This often leads to earlier sexual initiation, unhealthy practices, and distorted expectations.

All of these affects destroy relationships, often hurt vulnerable populations, and strain the public healthcare system.

Where comes in

In today’s digital age, pornography has become completely accessible, shaping the way we perceive sexuality and relationships. I input “clean fantasy art” into Google and I didn’t get back a single good results. Many of them even took me straight to sites loaded with inappropriate images. My social stance has always been that we can’t make everywhere comfortable for everyone, but there should be a place for every one to feel comfortable. In other words, there are sites for baseball nuts, card game nerds, Democrats, Republicans, UFO chasers, DIY dads, you name it . . . The sites for people looking for sexually tantalizing images are myriad, so we need more sites for those who want to keep it clean. For those who want fantasy art that’s clean, this is your place.

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